Rules and Regulations

Parade Day Details:

Start time is 11am on Jan 18th at 9th and Tryon. Units will keep straight for the entire parade route and end at Stonewall and disburse. Forward motion must be maintained at all times unless instructed otherwise by parade staff. You must remain in your designated waiting area until your group is directed to get in the parade line-up. If you cannot be found in your designated waiting area you will forfeit your position.

Parade Drivers:

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years of age.

Distribution of Items Parade Day

Absolutely nothing can be thrown from vehicles or floats unless you have been pre-approved to do so.

Performance Expectations:

All performances must be in good taste. This is a family event, therefore routines and or expressions of a lewd, obscene and/or sexual nature are expressly prohibited and likewise actions portraying violent, abusive and/or offensive behavior are not permitted and will be grounds for removal. All units must maintain forward motion unless directed otherwise by the official MLK Parade Staff. Counter marching, reverse marching, and or stopping the forward motion of the parade without specific instructions to do so will not be permitted.

Decorated Vehicles/Floats

Decorated and/or undecorated vehicles or floats that advertise a business, service, or product, other that the official sponsors of the MLK Parade, will not be permitted. Neither will vehicles nor floats advertising hair salons, barber shops, car detailing, restaurants, clothing stores, car dealerships and the like, unless you have paid the appropriate fee to advertise in the parade ($75). The MLK Parade Committee will provide all vehicle signs for vehicles that are not already professionally decaled; therefore homemade vehicles signs will not be permitted.